The Last Time I’ll Ever Blog!

Okay so maybe that title is a little dramatic. But I am super excited and I don’t care who knows it! This is the LAST post I will ever write from this old blog! It has served me well, but it is time for a change. If you want to know what I am talking about, then just check it out below!

Head over to the new blog! and check it out!


All About the Details!

I always wonder what weddings were like back in the day. You know, like when my parents got married. I know it was only like 30 years ago, but still, I can imagine it was nothing like we see today.  Just to kinda give you a glimpse at what I am talking about, I will share a few things.


For instance, the following things probably did not exist in weddings 30 years ago:

-Bride and Groom First Look: This was probably not even around 5-10 years ago even!

-Marriage counseling: Many older couples have told me they never had the opportunity for counseling before their wedding.

-Details, details, details!: Looking over old wedding pictures you see a very limited selection of details. A runner, maybe some candles, and flowers, were the essentials.  Not to mention the fact that there are no pictures of any details.

That brings me to where we are today. Details have become what drives the feel of a wedding.  I don’t believe it’s a make it or break it for a wedding, but so much emphasis is put on making sure all of the details of the day are just right.  It is our job as photographers to make sure we capture all of those details.  I will say that details weren’t always my strong suit.  They actually still are not one of my better subjects.  You would think that taking pictures of still life objects would be the easy part, but that’s where creativity really must come in.

While planning our wedding, Sarah and I have gained a better understanding for really how much work goes in to the details of the day.  Even something as small as which direction the centerpiece will face, or exactly how long do we want the burlap runner to be?  Each part counts and is what brings together the theme of a wedding.

What are some of your favorite details that you can remember?

Weekend Wrap Up

Well the weekend is over now, and its back to work for the next 5 days. I swear it feels like the weekends go by faster and faster these days, but maybe that’s just me. I was lucky enough to get to head up to Pennsylvania and shoot a wonderful wedding with Jean and Katie! There wedding day was a lot of fun and so amazingly different than most that I shoot! That always makes it so much more fun. It was nice to visit with family and enjoy what seemed like the most relaxing wedding weekend I’ve been a part of!

On another note, it is time for me to announce who the winner will be for the giveaway! If you didn’t see the post from Friday you can read it here. I decided to wait until last night to find out who the winner was going to be. So with the help of a random number generator I came up with the winner! I must first mention that I had too hard of a time just letting one person out of my 320 fans get something nice, so I decided to have a second winner as well! That just makes your chances even better!

Well without waiting any longer the winner of item #1 is…. Jessica Libby! You may choose between a $25 gift card to either Starbucks or Target!

The winner for item #2 is….Ryan Shaughnessy! You have a choice a $10 gift card to either Starbucks or Target as well!

You both have until tomorrow to claim your prize or somebody new will be chosen randomly! You can either message me, leave a comment or send me an email, however you would like to contact me is fine!

I will leave you with yet another sneak peek at the wedding from this weekend!

Enjoy this Monday!

Time for a giveaway!

Well I waited patiently.  Okay maybe that’s not true, but I waited as patiently as I could.  For the past  2 weeks I have been waiting for my Facebook page to get to 300 likes. Well it finally happened today. (Or yesterday actually) If you haven’t liked it yet and are somehow a fan of my blog anyways….then you can go over and like it here!

I decided that when I finally reached 300 fans, (which doesn’t really sound like a lot I know), I would give something away. Anybody who has liked my page is eligible and I will be randomly picking the winner through a number generator. So I promise no favoritism. Anyways, I haven’t fully decided what the prize will be for the winner, but I promise that it will be a good one! I will announce who the winner is on Monday.  That means that you have until Sunday to like my Facebook fan page and be entered in the giveaway!

Didn’t really have a good image to go with this, but I figured Sarah would appreciate me finally using this image from our visit to South Carolina. No clue what bird this is but it sure has some vibrant color!

Learning to be Consistent

This might come as a surprise to many of you, but I actually really enjoy blogging. In fact, if I didn’t work a full time day job I would probably blog every day. One of the reasons I struggle to blog more consistently is that I don’t set up a schedule. This causes me to be waiting until the night before (like last night) scrambling for a topic to blog about. Last night was particularly difficult because I was out most of the night meeting with other awesome people in my photography community.  It was a lot of fun and I really enjoy getting together with other like minded photographers because I always come away feeling like I gained something.  Hopefully they can say the same!
Anyways, my attempt at blogging consistency seems to be going successful so far. Even if I am only 2 weeks in.  Hopefully the more I push myself, the better I will become. Since every blog post is always better with a picture, I thought I’d share one from the weekend.  At some point on Friday night, the skies decided to open up and it was mid day. The result, as you see below, was a crazy orange effect on the light. So I decided to take advantage of it for a future post. Well the future is now!

Enjoy this Wednesday!

Small Steps in the Right Direction

So I am realizing that slowly over the past year I have been moving in the right direction. Not just on a personal level, but also with my business. The steps that I am taking are leading me where I want to go for the most part. I know that I still have a lot to work on and will continue to push myself, but it has been good and I am pleased with where I see myself.  One of the things that I have changed is my website. When I first began doing photography for more than just the joy of taking pictures, I started a blog. Eventually I knew I needed to showcase my best work through a website, but I was “broke” and couldn’t afford to have a decent portfolio site to use. Finally I realized that if I really wanted to bring in business and professionally market myself, I was going to need to bite the bullet and invest in my advertising in this way. That’s why I recently joined Showit. I knew it was what I wanted for a while, especially after playing around with trial sites. It gives you the freedom to do what you want with your website without having to know all of the coding behind it! So here is my plug for an amazing web design/hosting program if you want a great site to professionally showcase whatever you have.

My next step is this blog of mine. This is my public proclamation that I will make my blog better. Not just better, but the best I can create. Hopefully it will be a successful change and leave me happy with my sites for a while. So here’s to hoping that this will be my last week with this old blog!

If you haven’t seen my site, go check it out of course!

Wanna Get Away?

As I sit in my office today, with the heat continually growing as it does so often during the brutal summer months, I find myself fighting a desire to want to be elsewhere. As anybody who works in the business world and has a full time job, it can get a little boring sometimes. Yeah, work has its pros and there definitely are some good times that make me appreciate what I get to do at work, but sometimes I just want to get away. With today being a Friday, it is hitting me a lot sooner and definitely a lot harder.

My dad and cousin decided sometime last year that they wanted to get together and buy a boat.  So, they made it happen. Now I have not yet been able to go out on the boat yet, much to my displeasure.  I am dying to get out on the boat with a fishin’ pole and just enjoy the weather and the water. Maybe by writing this my dad will catch the hint and take me out soon! I’m sure I’m not the only one who just wants to get away sometimes.  It always is such a treat when you can take a break from the daily life and just kick back and relax. However you choose to get away, make sure you take some time to enjoy yourself! Hope you have a great Friday!

Jansen and Michelle | Front Royal Wedding

Okay, so I am going to apologize to start this blog post off.  I had such a hard time narrowing down what pictures to post, so naturally I posted wayyyyy too many. Like, my computer was struggling to upload them all last night. The past two weddings that I have shot, I have had just the most amazing couples and they make my job so easy and rewarding. So thank you to my brides and grooms! Anyways, that is not the point of this post. Last Sunday, Jansen and Michelle got to express their love for Christ and each other in front of some of the closest friends and family they have.  It was such a great ceremony and you could really tell that they wanted to honor the Lord in their ceremony, as well as their future marriage.

Throughout the whole day they both remained calm, but something was telling me that Jansen was ready. He knew from the beginning that he was ready and once Michelle finally “gave him a chance” as many people were pointing out, they became a powerful couple who promised to serve each other and the Lord in their lives each day. I had such a good time getting to know you both and hanging out all day. It definitely got me excited about my own wedding in just a few short months. I wish you both the best and I know we will be sure to keep in touch for some time to come.

Enjoy their day below!

They started by getting ready at the Holiday Inn.

We headed to the Golf Course for a beautiful first look!
I thought it was awesome that they wanted to thank all of their guests in this way!The bridal party was so much fun to be around all day.I love that they started their ceremony out with two worship songs.During the ceremony it was pouring, but let up right after for some more portraits!
Rather than a conventional cake, they decided to go the cookie bar route.Little did they know they would have a giant cookie to cut! 

Hope you enjoy this Wednesday full of images!

Is It September Yet?

Does anybody know if September has any plans of getting here any faster? I sure hope so. I got things that I need to do! Most important on that list being marrying my best friend. As I was thinking about what to blog about for Monday, I was wanting to do something personal and meaningful.  What could be more meaningful than the preparation of my own wedding. Each time I attend or shoot a wedding leading up to my own, it makes me more excited to think about my own day coming in just 2 months!  I know that if Sarah reads this she will probably give me  hard time for writing about her. I blame her though for giving me a hard time about not blogging about our engagement. Hopefully I can make up for it with this post by sharing a ring shot of her engagement ring. As we continue to finish up all the details of our wedding (well I really just do what I’m told), and we count down the 68 days, I can’t help but realize how blessed I am to be marrying my best friend Sarah.  I am so excited to be able to share life with her and walk through whatever comes our way.

I hope you all can enjoy this Monday and make the best of it!

My future bride makes the most beautiful model 🙂

Anddddd…here is her ring. You like?

Eric Seo | Yorktown Portraits

So I have heard from many of my trusted fellow photographers and through the reading of blogs that you are supposed to get in to a routine when you are trying to blog more consistently. Well apparently my blog routine is at 11:15PM when I am really tired and not looking forward to waking up at 6:30 the next morning. I probably should be asleep, but I need to write this!

For a while now I had talked with Eric about wanting to go shoot each other. Photographically of course. Eric is a fellow photographer friend who’s work I enjoy. So we set up a time that finally worked, and after convincing him that his nice car would not be towed if we parked at a no parking curb, we managed to spend some time exploring. This patch of Yorktown is one I pass every day to work and have wanted to explore for a while. I am glad I did because I knew I would find great portrait locations for clients!

Well, I had a blast, got some good images of him and in return was blessed with some images myself to use for my new website and blog. Hope you all enjoy the pictures! Happy Friday!