Time for a giveaway!

Well I waited patiently.  Okay maybe that’s not true, but I waited as patiently as I could.  For the past  2 weeks I have been waiting for my Facebook page to get to 300 likes. Well it finally happened today. (Or yesterday actually) If you haven’t liked it yet and are somehow a fan of my blog anyways….then you can go over and like it here!

I decided that when I finally reached 300 fans, (which doesn’t really sound like a lot I know), I would give something away. Anybody who has liked my page is eligible and I will be randomly picking the winner through a number generator. So I promise no favoritism. Anyways, I haven’t fully decided what the prize will be for the winner, but I promise that it will be a good one! I will announce who the winner is on Monday.  That means that you have until Sunday to like my Facebook fan page and be entered in the giveaway!

Didn’t really have a good image to go with this, but I figured Sarah would appreciate me finally using this image from our visit to South Carolina. No clue what bird this is but it sure has some vibrant color!


8 thoughts on “Time for a giveaway!

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