Small Steps in the Right Direction

So I am realizing that slowly over the past year I have been moving in the right direction. Not just on a personal level, but also with my business. The steps that I am taking are leading me where I want to go for the most part. I know that I still have a lot to work on and will continue to push myself, but it has been good and I am pleased with where I see myself.  One of the things that I have changed is my website. When I first began doing photography for more than just the joy of taking pictures, I started a blog. Eventually I knew I needed to showcase my best work through a website, but I was “broke” and couldn’t afford to have a decent portfolio site to use. Finally I realized that if I really wanted to bring in business and professionally market myself, I was going to need to bite the bullet and invest in my advertising in this way. That’s why I recently joined Showit. I knew it was what I wanted for a while, especially after playing around with trial sites. It gives you the freedom to do what you want with your website without having to know all of the coding behind it! So here is my plug for an amazing web design/hosting program if you want a great site to professionally showcase whatever you have.

My next step is this blog of mine. This is my public proclamation that I will make my blog better. Not just better, but the best I can create. Hopefully it will be a successful change and leave me happy with my sites for a while. So here’s to hoping that this will be my last week with this old blog!

If you haven’t seen my site, go check it out of course!